The Crew

More than simply being FAA-certified “instructors,” everyone providing aviation education at Route 66 Flight School is a professional educator with degrees and experience as certificated teachers and professors on multiple subjects.


GAIL FOOTE is the “Dot” of Dot & Dottie’s Ground School, sharing her aviation passion and educational skill at Route 66 Flight School. Frequently found in the sunny Oklahoma skies, this instrument-rated pilot also holds Advanced Ground Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor ratings. A graduate of McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, she earned the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree and is licensed accordingly.


HOLLY BLUNK brings fifteen years as a professional educator as well as extensive global travel experience to the table when she teaches aviation ground school. Holly – “Dottie” of Dot & Dottie’s Ground School – is an instrument-rated pilot with Advanced Ground Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor credentials. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


SCOTT DORSEY combines 20 years as a flight instructor concurrent with 25 years as a tenured college professor along with three years as an airline pilot to provide flight students with an unparalleled aviation experience. Scott holds ATP and CFII credentials along with Bachelor’s Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.

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