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Our students train on the most popular aircraft in history: the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Both aircraft are IFR capable. The analog instrumentation provides a solid aviation foundation, while allowing for transition to a vast array of general aviation aircraft.

Our Plane

Route 66 Flight School can provide training for the Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI ratings. From your first day, you will be guided through the process by our custom training syllabi, which are the result of decades of educational and aviation experience. Additionally, we can provide Instrument Proficiency Checks and biennial flight reviews.

Here is a quick overview of the ratings available at Route 66 Flight School.


Your flight training will start with an exciting Discovery Flight, during which you will have the hands-on experience of flying an airplane. After that, your program will be divided into four stages:

Stage 1: Basic Flight Procedures. This is where you learn all of the basic skills needed to fly the airplane safely. This initial part culminates with your memorable first solo flight!

Stage 2: Navigation, Instrument Flight, and Night Flying. After you have soloed, we will build on your skills by adding more advanced procedures that will increase your confidence and widen your understanding of the plane’s capabilities.

Stage 3: Cross-Country Flight. This is where we put all of the pieces together on several trips to other airports. You’ll do all of the aviating, navigating, & communicating . . . and you’ll have a blast!

Stage 4: Check-Ride Preparation. In this final part of your Private Pilot training, we’ll hone your newly earned capabilities toward a successful flight with an FAA examiner.

It's all designed to develop you into a safe, competent aviator!
Read the FAA regulations for Private Pilots


Those training to become instrument-rated pilots learn to navigate their aircraft by relying solely on the aircraft's instruments. As an instrument pilot, you will learn how to fly holds, approaches, and numerous other procedures designed to prepare you for this exciting flight environment.
Read the FAA regulations for Instruments Pilots


Commercial pilots are those who can legally be compensated for flying an airplane. As such, they are held to exacting standards for airmanship and professionalism. We will guide you carefully and successfully through that demanding course of study.
Read the FAA regulations for Commercial Pilots


There is no greater responsibility than that placed on those who teach others to fly. Route 66 Flight School sets the highest possible standards for those seeking to become a CFI. You will train with former college professors who will prepare you to be a cut above.
Read the FAA regulations for Flight Instructors