Welcome to Route 66 Flight School

The ethos of Route 66 echoes a time when the controlled steadiness of pace reflected the importance of the task. Speed was not as valuable as the quality of the effort. That mythical road known as “America’s Main Street” also underscored that the journey was vastly more important than the destination. And the journey is supposed to be fun!

At Route 66 Flight School we believe that the process – The Journey – when carefully designed leads unerringly toward a successful outcome. That’s how we will train you to fly; with an understanding that your path along the road toward flight is what matters.

Of course, the safety of any journey is of paramount importance. That is the bedrock of Route 66 Flight School; to assure that your flying is first and foremost, safe.

Learn more about us in the following pages . . . then join us for a flight and Get Your Kicks OVER Route 66.

“The Round Barn is a famous Route 66 land mark located in Arcadia, Oklahoma, just a few minutes’ flying time from Wiley Post Airport.”